Burnt Soup hey!? Why?
It’s kind of a family joke. We liked it, so it stuck.

Our Brand

Our first range of unisex T-shirts is the Freedom Collection. It’s been inspired by the insane situation in which we find ourselves in 2021. Our unique designs allow us, the ‘Freedom Fighters’, to have a clothing brand we can wear with pride and impact.

Whether it’s a Freedom Rally, a Gig (if allowed in) or a trip to the pub, your T-shirt will display your solidarity for a hugely important ’cause’. It may even provide you the opportunity to inform some of the sheep out there. Fingers crossed!

We have a few more unique collections coming soon, focusing on The 80s and 90s clubbing scenes, sports, and a rather unique teenage collection.

All our shirts are printed with our hand-drawn signature touch on the front and within the neck line. They are made from quality material and are easily as good a quality as many of the ‘exclusive’ brands out there. We’ve compared them. Trust us. Happy shopping. All our love… The Burnt Soup Team.

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